Mahjong Other: This is Tenhou 3 / Turn the table !

Mahjong Other

Hi all, thank you for checking this website.

I sometimes play Sanma: 3 people Mahjong, and recently got to be 4 dan: Tokujou player ! But in this game I was 3rd at South 3 with hopeless gap.

With this starting hand, I went for…

Chinitsu and got Tenpai hand at 11th turn, but this is not enough…

Yes!! But what to discard ?

8p is the best choice in terms of value and wait. This hand has 5 waits which are 14736p. (If you know 4455556 shape has 4 wais: 3647, all you have to do is to check if we can extend wait to 1 or 9, suji of 3647). But you can only win with…

This ! Only with 36p this hand got to be Sanbaiman: 24,0000 (I drew North wind) and go to West round. (At Tenhou’s Sanma, if no one has more than 40,000, it will go to West round, sudden death )

And at West 1, I got the hand below and the player on the right riichi-ed. What would you do ?

Nothing to lose ! I chased him. We should pursue the opportunity to raise 2 positions, and difficult to fold against this riichi anyway.

And won ! This is one of my largest and memorable come back.

Hope to see you in the next article !