Mahjong Other: An idea for your training

Mahjong Other

This article describe the way of training which I recommend to learn from the best players.

Hi all, thank you for checking this website.

When I started this website, I was invited to a discord group, and found out so many foreign players study Riichi Mahjong hard to get better. So in this article, I want to describe an idea of training which I recommend. Please note this way of training is good for the players who has learned basic theories like tile efficiency, Riichi decision, calling judgement.

I’ve learned about this way of training from Koichi Kihara, famous NPM pro through his blog magazine.

The way of training is quite simple.

1. Choose 1 player as your role model

2. Trace his logs step by step and consider what you would do here

3. If his choice is different from yours, try to think about the reason and integrate that play to your style.

This training requires certain concentration, probably more than playing game. I did this for Asapin and zeRo, and traced probably more than 100 games. I spent 20-30 minutes per game, but may take more for Tokujo players.

I also want to show how to search logs.

1. Go to website called otokomyouri

2. Choose ”ランキング” and see long term ranking to search your role model. (btw you will see the link to Kihara’s blog magazine on the left side.)

3. Press the link of the player and copy his name.

4. Choose “鳳凰卓牌譜検索” and paste his name. Choose date or position if you like.

Here you have the URL of the logs of your role model.

Once I tried to trace Yusei’s, but his play is quite defensive and based on reading, so I couldn’t totally understand his intention. In this kind of case, you can change your role model.

Postscript: After posting this article, there was an interesting discussion at the discord group. Now I think it may be better to choose 1 level higher player (7 dan for 6dan) within 100 points in rating, because sometimes it is difficult to understand the intention of top players.

You can still find logs of those players if you know their Tenhou ID at Otokomyouri, and I still believe this tracing training will bring you much.

Hope this article will be of some help to you !