Mahjong Strategy : Calling judgement / how to speed up your open hand

Mahjong Strategy

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This article describes an idea to speed up your open hand. This idea was originally written in the book of Kawamura Pro which is focused on open hand. This book was written in 2017. But the content is still fresh and useful.

I got nice hand at East 1. Do you call this 8m ?

I assume this was difficult choice, because this hand is already 1 Shanten and can be high value hand without calling with Riichi or Ittsu. There is one more reason I hesitated to call, and will describe that later, but…

I called this 8m because 1. I can expect 9m from the player on the left , 2. Manzu is cheap for the dealer. Why can I expect 9m ? Because discarding 8m at early turns indicates 1. he usuall doesn’t have the tile outside 8m or 2. he may be dropping 89m Penchan Taatsu.

In this case he was dropping 89m Taatsu.

Soon after that, he Riichi-ed, but I successfully won Haneman.

In this case, 9m was Dora and he might have fixed 9m pair when he discarded 8m (this is the another reasons I hesitated to call). So actually I am not so sure that calling 8m was the right decision.

But generally, if the player on the left discard 2 or 8 in early turns, you can expect him to discard 1 or 9 later. Same things can be said 1. if 3 is discarded, you can expect 1 or 2 later, and 2. if 4 is discarded you can expect 2 or 3 later.

Please note one exception when 4 (or 6) is discarded. If he is going for Chanta/Sanshoku/Ittsu, he may fix 12 (or 89 )Penchan Taatsu, and 3 (or 7) won’t be discarded.

But I assume this knowledge will help you to speed up your open hand !