Mahjong Strategy: Game making 2 / What we should do at 1st Place ?

Mahjong Strategy

Hi all, Thank you for checking this website ! In this article, I want to describe an idea to increase the possibility to keep your position when you are at 1st.

Have fairly large advantage at South 3, just before Haitei: Last tile. What we should do ?

Some may consider, “No question. Just draw Haitei tile and discard safe tile, because it is not good idea to let the player on the right who Riichi-es to draw Haitei tile.”

But in this case, I assume you should call this, because if the player on the right draw Mangan: 8,000 point, my opponents’ point will be quite close like 20,500/16,900/21,600.

When you are 1st, first thing you have to consider is to win the round and increase your point. But when that is difficult, you should consider to make them closer before you fold safely.

We can 1. assist especially the player on the right, 2. Sakikomi: intentional deal-in, 3. Call to disable Ippatsu or send Haitei etc.

In that situation, you may be surprised how round proceeds fast. This is because the value of small hand drastically increase in that situation. And more, you will have the feeling that you control this game, which is really nice !

I hope this will be of some help to you!