Mahjong Strategy: Push or Fold 3 / Pushing back to Riichi

Mahjong Strategy

Hi all, thank you for checking this website ! This article is about Push or Fold decision against opponent’s Riichi. You will see the other articles related to this from below links.

I was 4th position at South 1, and the player on the left Riichi-ed. What to discard ?

I was 1 Shanten:2 tiles to complete of 2,000 hand with duplicated effective tile: 4p. I can’t push with this hand and discarded 3p. Next turn, What to discard ?

You will see 4 of 6p, and now 2p was discarded. so 5p won’t hit to Ryanmen or Kanchan. As you may understand, it is important to find the tile we can see 4 of them. 2 turns passed, and what to discard ?

12th turn is too late to push with 2,000 1 shanten hand, so I discarded 5p. Why not 6p ? Because I wanted to leave 1 narrow pass to push back.

Yes ! I decided to push back only when I draw this tile. At flat situation like East 1, this hand is still not enough to push back, but I am 4th in South 1. I discarded 8m.

And didn’t hit ! And next turn I was lucky to draw 6m. Now who can hold 7p ?

This was really valuable 3,900+1,000 point, and finally avoided to be 4th. I am not sure my choice was optimal, but I believe following concept is common and useful.

When we encounter opponent’s Riichi, we should leave the pass to complete valuable hand which is worth pushing back.

I hope this will be of some help to you!