Mahjong Strategy: Defense / What you should do when you made “unavoidable” deal-in ?

Mahjong Strategy

This article describe what we can do to decrease “unavoidable” deal-in.

Hi all, thank you for checking this website! At very beginning of this game at East 1, I was forced to make difficult choice. What to discard ?

When you don’t have safety tiles, you should discard pair, because every tile has possibility to complete opponents’ hand (like 2%, even if it looks safe) and even if it didn’t hit, you have to choose the other tile next turn, which also have some possibility. If you drop pair here, and if it didn’t hit, you will be safe for next turn. So I discarded 1m, and …

Hit ! with Uradora… This is really hard especially in Houou table, because once potential 4th is decided, everyone try to proceed rounds as quickly as possile. Then what we should do ?

The root cause of this painful deal in may be at some turns before. For example… I should definitely keep this north wind, and discard 7p. This reduce only 2 tiles to improve my hand. Probably I deal in anyway, but at least the points to lose could be saved to 3,900, and saved so much as 3,800 points. There is large difference because usually player with more than 20,000 points won’t be regarded as potential 4th.

So when you did “unavoidable” deal in, strongly recommend to review your game record and examine your decision in earlier turns were right.

I hope this will be of some help to you!