Mahjong Strategy: tile efficiency 7 / Catching Sanshoku

Mahjong Strategy

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This article describes how to maximize the possibility of Sanshoku, the yaku difficult to catch especially when we have many Ryanmen Taastu.

I was 3rd at South 3 and got nice hand like below. What to discard ?

There are 3 choices.

  1. If we want to maximize the possibility of Sanshoku, 3p is best. with any of 69m, 69p this hand becomes Sanshoku (678 or 789) (678 or 789). But if you keep 3p, 4p is also an effective tile.
  2. If we want to maximize the possibility of Tenpai, we should discard 6s
  3. or 9s.

Here I didn’t want to miss 4p, because if I draw 5,200 hand, I will be 2nd, and discarded 9s. Actually I just drew 6p and misunderstand there is no possibility for 789 Sanshoku, but of course there is ! Soon after that…

I drew 9m. What an unpleasant Tenpai tile ! But 3,900 hand with good wait. I riichi-ed. Just after that…

The player on the right discarded 6p, and my mistake was offset.

Generally if we have to choose 678 or 789 Sanshoku, we should go for 789 because we can expect more 9 is in the wall. And if Mangan or Haneman is required, discarding 3p will be the best choice.

Hope this article will be of some help to you !