Mahjong Strategy: One thing You Should be aware when you try Atozuke

Mahjong Strategy

Hi thank you for checking this website ! This article describes what we should care when going for Atoduke: start calling from the hand where Yaku is not confirmed.

Before going to the main topic, let me share my shining discarded pool.

4 of 7p, 3 Dora. It may look like Kokushi, and want to know what opponents felt xD.

Well, going back to the topic, I was 4th at South 2, and I could start calling from 9p.

This kind of calling makes players with weak hands cautious and creates 1 on 1 duels with high scoring hand. But I thought I didn’t have enough speed without calling.

By the 8th turn, the hand didn’t developed well as you can see below. But I was following 1 simple rule. Guess what ?

I tried not to discard Yakuhai: East wind and Red dragon. If you discard these, opponent will easily estimate my Yaku, and getting green dragon will be more difficult. Soon after this, I called Green Dragon.

Well what does my hand look like to my opponents ? It may look like a fast high scoring hand . Actually they didn’t fold as I expected, but eventually I managed to keep my dealer turn .

When we go for Atozuke, we should try to hide your Yaku as long as possible.

I hope this will be of some help to you!