Mahjong Other : How strong are Tenhou-i ?

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As some of you may know, we saw 15th Tenhou-i: Usetsu suru Hitsuji 2 weeks ago. This account is 2nd Account of Okamoto, also Tenhou-i. In this article I want to check the strength of historical Tenhou-i based on Stable Dan: calculated from position percentage.

Below is the ranking of player who played more than 2,000 games in Hounan: Houou Hanchan.

Totori Sensei 19 Sai: Asapin ranked 2nd with 9.823

Usetsu suru Hitsuji ranked 3rd with 9.556

Mark 2 ranked 5th with 9.293

Cola Kudasai ranked 8th with 9.161

Futokunaio ranked 14th with 8.915

Takeoshan ranked 15th with 8.884

Okamoto ranked 22nd with 8.781

Suzume Crazy ranked 24th with 8.755

Doppo ranked 25th with 8.753

gousi ranked 58th with 8.434

KaniMajin ranked 63rd with 8.396

Shukatsu ranked 97th with 8.230

Urutra Riichi ranked 98th with 8.226

Besides Tenhou-i, famous players are ranked as follows.

Kuroneko peropero: Yusei ranked 1st with 9.827. As you may know, he is elder brother of Asapin, but their style is totally different. Yusei is more defensive.

zeRo ranked 12th with 9.035

Zaika: Koichi Kihara (famous Pro at NPM) ranked 39th with 8.566

Mikan-ta: Akina Mizuhara (M leager) ranked 197th with 7.805

With these numbers, you will see there is large gap btw each Tenhou-i, and there are so many strong players who hasn’t become Tenhou-i. Even Asapin’s Stable Dan is less than 10, so to become Tenhou-i requirs certain upswing.