Mahjong Other: Come Back !

Mahjong Other

Hi all, thank you for checking this website !

After 129 games at Tokujo table, I promoted to 7 dan again.

And I pushed “予約” button of Houou table with deep emotion.

Only with 1 game, I felt the speed of the opponents.

I called 3m, but the player on the left won this round before I got Tenpai.

At East 3, I got Tenpai without taking risk, but had to fold later. (I assume this hand doesn’t have enough value to chase the dealer. 3,900 hand Ryanmen wait will be O.K. )

After that, I had to fold against the fast Riichi of the opponents. At Tokujo table, I had enough time to build the hand and won rate was 22.91%. But here, all I could do was to fold against the Riichi of the opponents. But at South 4, I got the last chance at 11th turn.

Of course I discarded 5m gently without Riichi, but I assume every opponents regarded Matagi of the last Tedashi (discarded from the hand) tile: 36m and 47m as dangerous tile.

But 3m was discarded. He had 345m Mentsu with Tenpai hand and drew 6m. This may be the welcome present from Tsunoda san.

Now, I am not so optimistic that I may become Tenhou-i or 10 dan the position where I never reached. But I never give up to be better player and keep playing this game …