Mahjong Strategy: Tile Efficiency 6 / Technique to maximize the value of open hand

Mahjong Strategy

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This article is on calling judgement and technique to maximize hand value of open hand.

Before going to the main topic, let me show you my luxurious Haipai.

3 of Red 5 and 2 of Dora ! Generally when we have hand like this, we should go for Ryanmen Riichi, and cut some Dora if required like below. I discarded 3 Dora, but my hand still had certain value.

I was 4th at South 1 with good hand like below. Sould I call this ?

I willingly called because 3,900 here is very valuable which brings me up to 2nd. Especially in South round, we should be conscious for temporary position.

And I call with 34p because …

I can use dora when I draw. 4m will also make this hand more valuable (possible Sanshoku). We should also notice the shapes where we can Kuikae to add one more Dora from Tenpai hand.

1. From 234456, we can call 5 with Kanchan and discard 2, if 5 is dora(same for 3).

2. From 234567, we can call 5 and 8 with 67 and discard 2, if 5 or 8 is dora (same for 1).

I believe these technique is useful to make your 3,900 hand to 8,000.

We can see 3 of 6s at discarded tiles and 36s may seem to be bad wait, but usually 36 or 47 is used in our opponents’ hands. So I didn’t care much.

Hope this article will be of some help to you !



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