Mahjong Strategy: Tile Efficiency 5 / To lure Tenpai tile

Mahjong Strategy

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This article describes a technique to increase your Tenpai probability especially on calling hand. I was 4th with small gap at East 3, and got a good hand as below. What to discard ?

Some people may not like Furiten: (waiting on previously discarded tile) Mentsu, but before Tenpai, Furiten Mentsu can be a good wait because…

Opponents will easily discard key tiles especially when you seem to have high scoring hand. This time, the player on the left already discarded 3s and I discarded 9s, so he dropped pair of 6s here.

On 12th turn, I didn’t expect to win this round, actually. But lastly I was lucky to drew 1m.

Hope this article will be of some help to you !