Mahjong Strategy: Defense 3 / Turning point

Mahjong Strategy

Hi all ! Thank you for checking this website. I live in Tokyo and the city is half locked down. I work at home these days and don’t go to Mahjong Parlor. So I play so many Tenhou games !

This article describes a viewpoint to judge the speed of the opponents, and the change on my play style.

The situation below is what I call “turning point”. Guess what you can read from this 8m just discarded.

As you may know, usually 3p, discarded at turn 6, is more valuable as an isolated tile. So this indicates that 1. he has enough good shape (probably enough blocks) , 2. 8m is related to the other tiles, and he may have some 6m and 7m. This time his hand was like below.

So we should secure safety tiles for his possible Riichi, and under-evaluate the wait of 6m and 7m.

And I feel I am also at “turning point”. Recently I demote to 7 dan and my point is below base point (1400/2800). With this result, now I am trying to change my style to more defensive one. For example…

This hand is 1 shanten and doesn’t have safety tiles against Riichi. We can see 4 of 8p and 1 of 9p. If you can cut 9p, we can keep 1 shanten with limited risk.

But I cut 1m to minimize the risk. 1m is not also safety tile, but Suji of 4m and we can buy another safe turn if it doesn’t deal in.

Eventually, the wait of dealer’s Riichi was 9p (and 3s, Dora), and I managed to keep 2nd position. How many times did I discarded this kind of “likely safe tile” without return and lost points ? This was not such big win, but I felt confident about the choice I made.