Mahjong Strategy: Tile Efficiency 4 / Fixing head or not

Mahjong Strategy

Hi all, thank you for checking this website ! This article describes if we should fix head at calling hand. With certain lead at East 2, I had the hand below. What to discard ?

This is a classic question btw fixing head (discarding 1s,3s here) or fixing Mentsu (discarding 2s) at closed hand. Modern Mahjong Theory who emphasize on speed regards fixing head is better, because fixing head has 8 effective tiles (58m and 58s) for Ryanmen Tenpai, and fixing Mentsu has 6 effective tiles (67m and 67s) for Ryanmen Tenpai,

Then how about calling hand ? More supporting for fixing head, because we can call 58m and 58s, but can’t call 67m and 67s.

Lastly, please do not forget to cancel Nakinashi button, like I did. I hope this will be of some help to you!

Post script: there was important pointing out from my mate at discord group. Please note this principle is applicable when both Mentsu are Ryanmen. If one of them or both of them are Kanchan or Penchan, we should fix Mentsu, and call every tile for Tenpai to make Tanki wait. If you got interested in the other articles on tile efficiency, please refer to the links below.