Mahjong Strategy: Tile Efficiency 1 / How to deal with 134689

Mahjong Strategy

This article is about tile efficiency. You will learn good discarding tile sequence when you have 134689 shape, which you often see.

Hi all, thank you for checking this website! On East 1, I got below hand on 2nd turn.

There is slight possibility for character Ittsu ,and 678/789 Sanshoku. 2p is next to dora, so I only tile we can discard is green dragon. Then I draw 6p.

Now we can expect 2 Mentsu at character, 1 Mentsu at circle, 1 Mentsu and head at bamboo. So We should discard 1m or 9m now. No difference ? There is !

9m should be discarded, because…

if you draw 2m at next turn, you will have ryankan: 468m and 5m/7m will be effective tile.

if you draw 5m at next turn, you will have variation of ryankan: 134568m and 2m/7m will be effective tile.

Now you see that 1m has some function in this shape.

I know it is hard to judge many things in 10-15 seconds allowed at Tenhou. So I recommend you to increase this kind of small tips on tile efficiency.

The best way to find these tips is to review haifu: game record which you got Furiten Mentsu: (e.g. if you have 2m3m Mentsu and 1m is already discarded) and check if the sequence was right.


In every article, I express 1 circle as 1p, 1 banboo as 1s, and 1character as 1m.