Mahjong Strategy: Tile Efficiency 2 / Bridging Tile to Tanyao

Mahjong Strategy

This article is on tile efficiency on Fuuro (Pon or Chii) hand, not on Menzen. The contents is about technique which is useful when you have many Dora and speed up.

Hi all, thank you for checking this website! Please see the hand below. What to discard ?

If you aim straight to Riichi, no other choice, 3m. But you can discard 5m here.

If you haven’t sees this before, you may think I miss-clicked, but the intention is to see both Riichi and Tanyao. If 3m or 7s is discarded, you can pon. and if 47m or 36s is discarded from Mr.D, the player on my left, you can chii. In both case, discard 1m/2m to aim to Tanyao. If not discarded, you still have way to Riichi. In this hand, you can also keep 2m for same reason.

Then when to use this ? Well, I think when you have 2 Dora, it is worth trying. When you have 0-1 Dora, I think it is not worth making your hand short: increasing risk. And it was already 10th turn, and I felt I should speed up. When you use this technique, you’d better count 3m/7s shown at the river to check if you can pon these tiles easily.

I hope this will be of some help to you!