Mahjong Strategy: Riichi decision 2 (at South 4)

Mahjong Strategy

This article is about Riichi decision which covers the points you have to cover when you Riichi.

Hi all, thank you for checking this website! I got very nice Tenpai at South 4. Now you are 2nd and 5.7K points behind 1st. Riichi ?

Clarifying the situation,

1. even if I don’t Riichi, I can be 1st if I draw or the 1st/Mr. D/the player on my left discard 258p.

2. I won’t be 4th even if I deal in 8,000 points to Mr. B, the player on my right.

3. Mr. B won’t fold here (because he is 4th at South 4), and 2p is difficult to use for everyone (we can see 3x3p now)

Considering these, I Riichi-ed here, because I thought there was large possibility that Mr. B discard 258p . But unexpectedly, Mr. D, dealer, the player on my left Riichi-ed !

Actually, I thought dealer may push, but didn’t expected that he may Riichi. Well, if I deal in 12,000 points… O.K. I will be 3rd. (As you may know, In Tenho, point for 3rd is 0 and lose many points when 4th) Finally…

I won ! But, I should have expected Mr. D may Riichi and considered the point gap btw 4th to check if I could deal in 12,000 points before I Riichi before I see starting hand.

I hope this will be of some help to you!