Mahjong Strategy: Game Making 1 / Riichi Decision 1 (to proceed the round)

Mahjong Strategy

This article is about game making and describes there’s a situation Riichi is better choice to proceed the round, when you are 1st.

Hi all, thank you for checking this website ! I was tentative 1st place on South 1, and encountered the situation to judge to riichi or not.

Generally, when you have huge advantage (like more than 20,000 points) against other players on South round, you should focus on proceeding round with cheap hand and there is little meaning to complete high score hand. So when you have Tenpai with Yaku, Damaten: not to riichi, will be the basic direction.

But in this situation, I judged riichi would be better. There are 3 reasons

1.Mr. A (dealer, player on the left)’s yaku must be Wind and there is no info that he has high score hand. Actually he must have east wind or south wind and maximum score is 5,800 (if he has 2 dora).

2.Also there is no info that Mr. C(player on the left) has high score hand (actually seems to be cheap).

3.The players other than me are in close points (19,900/17,300/16,900) and they prefer to avoid risk.

I also thought if I riichi, Mr.A may fold because he definitely doesn’t want to deal in to my riichi which mean he will fall to tentative 4th positon.

So considering the high level direction (to proceed the round), I thought riichi would be better choice.

After the resistance for some turns, Mr. A finally chose to fold, and I successfully make round proceed.


In every article, I express 1 circle as 1p, 1 banboo as 1s, and 1character as 1m.