Mahjong Other: Moriyama Incident

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This article is on Sunday’s incident happend on Saikyou sen. Follows are the summary.

1. Mr. Asai of Saikoui-sen called 5s and went for Keiten: yakuless Tenpai at the situation below.

2. The player across: Mr. Kondo of Saikoui-sen (M leaguer) drawed 9s and his hand got to be Haneman with 2 Ura-dora.

3. Mr. Moriyama (Chairman of JPML) on commentary criticized Mr. Asai’s calling. He said “He did foolish calling”, ” “He should quit playing Mahjong”.

4. Mr. Moriyama’s comment was wide-spread through twitter and got “flamed” btw Japanese Mahjong players.

What I thought on this Incident is …

1. Clearly his calling was right decision. He will be dealer at South 4 and it is important to add points here, if there is little risk to push 2m here.

2. Mr. Moriyama seems to stick to his old views to Mahjong and doesn’t understand modern Mahjong theory.

3. If this happens 5 years ago, this won’t be such large incident. Importance of Keiten seems to have penetrated to players, now.

I also play Shogi: Japanese chess, and among pro Shogi players, player who won’t study modern theory is completely beaten and eliminated. I believe same situation in Chess or Poker. So I can’t respect pro Mahjong players who doesn’t try to learn modern theory, and I have to regard them lazy.

I strongly hope pro (and amateur) Mahjong players who has skills/views/ideas will be fairly evaluated in the near future.