Mahjong Strategy: Forecasting opponents’ reaction

Mahjong Strategy

This article describes how to forecast opponents’ reaction on South 4 when you Riichi.

Hi all, thank you for checking this website! As you may know, in Tenho they will be in West round if every players’ score is less than 30,000. At West 2, I got a good hand.

To decide the game, I have to win more than 7,700 points: Mangan. So definitely I should Riichi. The problem is whether to wait at 69p(Ryanmen:open end) or West and 8p(Shanpon), and I choosed to wait at 69p.

What I thought was follows.

1.Mr.D, Player on the left, tentative 4th place, seems to be fast, and he never folds. If he got Tenpai and Riichi after me, Shanpon wait may be weak.

2.Mr.B, the player on the right and Mr.C, the player across will probably fold because they don’t want to lose their position, and they may hold West if they have it.

3.So after they fold, I will have enough time to draw 69p.

But… Mr.B chiied 8p, and after that he also chiied 1,,dora, and I felt a little uncomfortable.

From the view point of Mr.B, even if he dealt in 8,000 points, he will be 3rd place, and he may push. I should have expected his reaction.

Usually, when you forecast the reaction of the other players, you should consider their position and point gap. Now I learned I should also consider their point gap to the tentative 4th place.


In every article, I express 1 circle as 1p, 1 banboo as 1s, and 1character as 1m.