Mahjong Strategy: Analysis of Tenhou-i / 右折するひつじ:Usetsu suru Hitsuji

Mahjong Strategy

Hi all, thank you for checking this website !

These days, my stats at Tenhou are getting even worse and I had a feeling I have to modify my play style. So I decided to do the training which I previously described.

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My weakness is still at defense, so I chose 右折するひつじ:Usetsu suru Hitsuji as my role model, the lated Tenhoui who is famous for his defense. I saw some of his games and want to pick up the cases when I made different choice.

1st one is the situation below. What to discard ?

I thought there were 2 choices. 1. discard 5s/7s and go for Yakuhai Dora 1 : mostly with open hand 2. discard Haku and go for Tanyao: hopefully with Riichi. But he discarded 7p. Of course simple tile efficiency tells us to discard one of the 3 pairs, but I didn’t consider this choice.But this is good for defense with pair of white dragon and may be good at offense if draw 6s and Riichi. I am not sure this is the best choice, but will consider this as an option.

I thought next one is interesting. What was his choice ?

He discarded 2s. This is probably because Mr. B the player across discarded 5s and then Green Dragon: safe tile at turn 10,11. This implies 1. 5s was related tile of the wait 2. He got Tenpai when he discarded Green Dragon. And this tile may also hit to the player on the right. This shows he is quite careful when he is 1st at East 4 or later. I assume, if he was 2nd or worse, he would discard 3s to keep Tenpai.

I was impressed also at the next choice.

He probably thought this hand is not good enough to take the risk of discarding 9m against Mr. B. His hand seems to be cheap, but we still don’t see 6 of Dora (including red 5) and can be 3,900 or 8,000. This time his hand was 1,000 and 9m will hit to the hand exactly.

If I count Suji, only 14s (but unlikely because 2 of 4s discarded by Mr. A was not called) , 258p, 25m, 369m, 47m. So 9m will hit more than 15%, and now I assume this is the right decision. But I am sure I wouldn’t keep 9m here. This is the defense capability of Latest Tenhou-i.