Mahjong Strategy: Game Making 4 / Sashikomi: Intentional deal in

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Hi all, thank you for checking this website.

In this article, I tried to describe game making technique when you are at 1st place. But now I think my choice was not the best. Anyway, please go through if you got interested.

At South 1, I won my 1st Yakuman at Houou table, and got huge lead.

After that, at South 3 the situation is like below. What should we consider here ?

When we are at 1st place, we should focus on proceeding round especially at South (or after South 2). We have 3 measures to do that 1. winning by ourselves 2. assisting non-dealer by discarding tiles that are likely called 3. Sashikomi: intentional deal in to non-dealer. Sashikomi is the last thing we should consider, because losing point will decrease your probability to be 1st. But here, dealer seems to have Tenpai hand, and we don’t have time. What to discard ? Ippatsu was killed by dealer’s call.

I chose 3p because 25p and 36p seems to be dangerous to the player on the right, and successfully ? it hit to him ! Next candidate will be Souzu like 25s and 47s.

We don’t face this kind of situation so often, but these technique will raise your average position in long term. And more, it’s good to have feeling that I control the game! Please note this technique may not be useful in the tournament where point also matters.

Post Script : Many readers showed their thoughts to this article. This is what I expected when I start this website and I got excited ! I coudn’t agree with all of them, but one gentlemen pointed out that 7s is just discarded and why I didn’t discard 7s here.

!!!! To my shame, I overlooked 7s. This may hit to dealer, but now I think I should cut 7s here, because I have 2 of 7s and dealer’s hand doesn’t seem to be Honitsu from his discarding sequence.

Probably when player on the right riichi-ed, I focused on searching dangerous tile for him and overlooked. I sometimes miss the latest change, especially when I focus on defending opponent’s attack. I will keep this in mind to be a better player !

When I encounter good situation for assisting, I also want to write an article on that.