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Mahjong Other : How strong are Tenhou-i ?

Hi all, thank you for checking this website. As some of you may know, we saw 15th Tenhou-i: Usetsu suru Hitsuji 2 we...
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Mahjong Strategy: When to Dai-Minkan

Hi all, thank you for checking this website ! This article describe at which situation you can try Dai-Minkan. Be...
Mahjong Strategy

Mahjong Strategy: Push or Fold 4 part2 / Maximizing Game EV

This article is on Push or Fold judgement considering game EV, not round EV. Please note this article is 1. a sequel of...
Mahjong Strategy

Mahjong Strategy: Game Making 3 / How to create Bonus Game

This article is on Game Making: controlling opponents. What is "Bonus Game" and how to create that situation. Hi al...